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As of July '22, our Ultimate TREEHOUSE is complete!!! And YOU GET BOTH the Treehouse AND the Amazing Cabin with your rental! The Treehouse is 38' Tall, three levels with three separate staircases, has a full bathroom with shower and bidet, small kitchen, Queen Bed, Living Room with 55" Sony + DirecTV, Dining Nook, and Game Loft! I can almost guarantee that you’ve never spent a night in an environment where every square inch has been so thoroughly built for your enjoyment…

If you just need a pillow to lay your head on at the end of the day...this is not the property for you. But If you are looking for a property that IS the destination in itself because of the experience it provides, then this is it. First of all...THE most EPIC treehouse in the state of Colorado.....Period…maybe even the country. The property is stunning, and there is SO much to do on it. It's buried in a secluded and private National Forest, but is just 5 miles from Blackhawk and Central City too. Let's check all the boxes of why this is the Ultimate Experience:

  • An Ultra-Lux TREEHOUSE you can sleep in with a full bathroom! Nicer than even the Treehouses you see on TV. The project was spared absolutely no expense.
  • Solid Log Cabin with every luxurious amenity possible.
  • Gushing Mountain Stream runs 365 days a year! Two amazing creek patio spots for your morning coffee and evening happy hour!
  • VERY Private and quiet (you could walk around naked all day and nobody would ever know).
  • Sound System: A VERY nice indoor/outdoor sound system for you to bluetooth to. I do electronics for a living, so it's a REALLY nice system. Treehouse has one too!! If you love music, you’ve never experienced anything like this.
  • A secret 4.5- mile long PRIVATE hiking trail starts 20 feet from the cabin! - you'll NEVER see another human on it! It has an INCREDIBLE story behind it too you'll learn about when you're here. And there are SO MANY hidden nooks and crannies to explore on this amazing property :). Over 1/4 mile of private waterfront on this property…Explore!
  • Fully Remodeled Kitchen and Bath in main Cabin. Bath has Luxe Bidet Toilet.
  • The “Mini” Cabin! We LOVE our cabin so much, my wife spent Approx. 400 hours building an EXACT 1/12th Scale Replica of it! Its there for you to enjoy...and of course it's lit up like crazy :) You can see 1 photo of it here, but we didn't want to spoil all of it's hidden surprises for when you see it in person ;-)
  • SpaceX StarLink High Speed Internet/Wifi + landline phone w/ free long distance. No data limits.
  • Full Generator backup! If the power goes out, it kicks on about 10 seconds later and you’re back up and running!
  • Seventeen Lutron Motorized Window Shades!
  • Campfire Ring, Tree Hammock, & Gas BBQ Grill! Gold Panning is also on-site.
  • Lighting - I'm a bit of a lighting nutcase….in fact…it’s what I do for a living…. The Treehouse alone has Thirty Lighting Circuits.... I feel that lighting makes or breaks a space, so everything indoors and out has been done professionally and is spectacular. The outdoors of the property is softly & beautifully lit to provide an enjoyable nighttime experience, and a safe one if you choose to walk around the property at night (which you should!). Inside is no different with extensive effort and thought put into the lighting of each space... This is hi-tech rustic ambience!
  • Two on property elaborate treasure hunts!! (see below for more about these and read my reviews - Years of effort have gone into these, and they are SO much fun... again read the reviews). Way better than any escape room you’ve done and hours of entertainment!
  • The Cabin has a Beautiful Master Loft overlooking entire Cabin! Plus a main level private bedroom w/ motorized black out shades.
  • Property is located about 1 hour from Denver and it is very easy to get to - no I-70 traffic regardless of when you arrive or leave which is a big deal!

4-wheelers can be rented and delivered to the cabin if desired. Information is also at the cabin for local dining, casinos, fishing, grocery stores, hiking, jeep trails, etc. You can 4-wheel/ATV right off the property and into endless amounts of trails leading all the way to the Continental Divide, Winter Park, St. Mary's Glacier, and everywhere in between. There are endless amount of trails for exploring just up the road from the cabin. Golden Gate National Park is also only 15 minutes away. I can't overstate how awesome the 4.5-mile hiking trail is off the back of the Cabin...plan to be gone for a few hours!

Treasure! There are two VERY elaborate treasure hunts for you to enjoy. One inside, and one outside (the outside one can only be done when there isn't snow on the ground...can you find the buried treasure chest on the property??) I encourage all ages to do them. They aren't easy...and kids will need help from their parents to figure out some of the clues, but it's a TON of fun. And if you figure it out...there will be treasure waiting for you at the end... ;-)

Metal Detecting on property! There are tons of coins throughout the property, and even REAL SILVER coins that if you find you're allowed to keep one. Two metal detectors are provided so you can find real treasure, and help us dig up tons of old mining history here too! To date, my guests have found over 150 pieces of old Iron from the 1800s when this property was used to process gold ore!

Roads are plowed and maintained by the City of Black Hawk all the way to the cabin. Accessible year round. In the winter, we recommend FWD or weather dependent AWD. Complimentary Chocolate and Coffee are provided. All linens, Firewood, and Wood Stove Pellets are also provided. Easy check-in - 4-digit access code will give you access for the length of your stay.

I have little notes, hints, directions, and suggestions all over the cabin to make everything about your stay even more enjoyable.

While all these amenities are crazy awesome...the true magic of this place comes from all the little details we've thought of. My guests often comment that we’ve thought of everything….

Again…Read the reviews! They say it so much better than I do. This property (and the enjoyment of my guests) if you couldn’t tell by now... is a passion...bordering on an obsession... I hope you get a chance to experience it :-)


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